About Us- Activation Agency In Delhi NCR

It is essential to connect with your target audience by any means. Yu can only see success in your business if you are reaching the relevant people. For cost-effective strategies, you need BTL services. We are known as one of the most renowned BTL Activation Agencies in Delhi NCR who provides top-notch services for brand activation in this arena. We promise to give the brand awareness to the most relevant people. With the expertise and experience, we are making one after the other success stories. Our clients remain more than satisfied with us and this is why our popularity is increasing day by day.

Glimpse Of What We Do We go an extra mile to give the desired awareness and exposure to our clients’ brand. Being a customer-oriented platform, we put the best foot forward to provide the best exposure using down the line activities for the success of clients' brands. What all we do in the service realm are briefed below:

Direct Mail Marketing

It is the method by which we deliver the promotional material to specific people. These are the chosen ones who have relevant contacts and as they receive the promotional materials, they organize little campaigns and get-togethers to increase the visibility of the brand.

Public Relations

Advertising using commercial means is always received as a somewhat doubtful thing to customers. This is why we give importance to PR strategies. Most of the BTL activation agencies in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, Noida etc are of the notion that advertising gives the positive exposure to the brand. NO! People today know very well that advertising is always sponsored and there is no guarantee what they are showing about a brand is true. But PR means interacting person more personally. An article by a journalist about some brand is considered more trustworthy than advertising. So we take up such strategies to provide brand awareness where people can have trust with the brand without any doubt in their minds.

Road Shows

We have the vast variety of road shows when it comes to promoting the brand. These include the dance shows with public participation, he quizzes, the infotainment plays and much more. The only aim behind these shows is to reach people who are genuinely interested in the products which a brand is promoting and advertising. The attendees of such shows are people who are genuinely interested in the products. So, this helps to reach out to the most relevant people for the brand awareness and also brand activation. Moreover, road shows are cost-effective methods and s for startups, they are the best. Note- There are a myriad number of other services that we provide in this realm. The above briefed ones are just some of them.


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